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9 Best Channels for STEM Learning on YouTube

Posted by Amy Cowen - Guest Author

Aug 5, 2015 8:38:00 AM

Learning is now made more fun and much easier with technology. In addition to using traditional materials like textbooks and blackboards, you can use the internet!

Videos have helped many teachers flip their classrooms, and use a blended learning model where students view a video at home about a topic, and then work in class on their own or in small groups. YouTube is one of the best learning platforms for implementing a flipped model. For STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), going beyond conventional methods and materials can really help make the discussion and the learning experience come alive for your students.

YouTube has a TON of channels devoted to STEM topics. But how do you find the best ones? With this blog post!

Here are the best YouTube channels for teaching and learning about STEM. 

1. Veritasium

Veritasium uploads new Science-related videos every week. What is nice about this video channel is that it simplifies the learning process. Even complicated science terms and processes are made easy to understand as these videos explains the things around us and how things work. The video channel was created in 2011 and it has  already 180 videos uploaded. From simple objects to highly intricate science concepts.

2. NASA eclips


Talk about eye candy! The shots here are just stunning, and will help excite your students about learning. This channel has a lot to offer, including Educator Guide where the videos are organized according to grade level. Apart from videos, they also have accompanying PDF booklets. 

3. Minute Physics


As its title might indicate, this channel shows video clips in two to three minute lengths. What makes this channel effective for STEM learning is that it utilizes the efficacy of visual learning to explain intricate concepts and theories in physics. The creator of the channel, Henry Reich, does a great job showing how visual learning can be used to help students to appreciate even difficult subjects.

4. Numberphile


A lot of students have a math phobia, or think they're just not good t math. Numberphile might be able to help even those students get excited about math. Numberphile showcases interviews of famous mathematicians in the field. The videos are inspirational and interesting, and also include short segments about maths and numbers. Basically, this channel can help your students love and appreciate numbers!

5. Sickscience


One powerful way to show how things work scientifically is through experiments, which SickScience has plenty of! This channel is composed of various science experiments that are simplified for every student to understand. On top of that, the videos give detailed instructions so you can also try and conduct the experiments on your own. 

6. Periodic Table of Videos

Periodic_Table_of_VideosWhen you search for videos that can help you with STEM learning, most would focus on Science and Math. Among the best channels is the Periodic Table of Videos. If you are looking for one of the best channel where you can watch many things about chemistry, this is the ultimate Youtube channel to watch. Apart from just memorizing the periodic table, this channel gives you amazing educational videos tackling the different elements in the periodic table. And the host is just amazing—see yourself!

7. STEMbite

STEMbite Terms, concepts, and theories in Science can be difficult to understand. STEMbite was created by Andrew Vanden Huevel to help students to understand and appreciate science. If you are looking for an unconventional way to study technology and science, this is a good channel to watch.

8. Smarter Every Day


 This channel is not your usual science Youtube channel where you are presented with intricate information and instructions that are not easy to understand. With this channel, Destin is your tour guide as he shared information and explores the world of science. With his love for the discipline and his creative approach to explaining complicated concepts, online users get to have entertaining and educational videos. 

9. SciShow Kids


Every wonder why dinosaurs are extinct, but the great white shark isn't? Or why people have different color eyes? This science channel aimed at ages 6 to 15 explores questions like this in an engaging and educational format. I highly recommend it for parents and teachers for supplemental learning.

I hope you found this post helpful. I’d love to hear about other YouTube channels you've found useful—please let me know in the comments below!

About the author

Amy_headshotAmy Cowen is an educator and writer at Aussiewriter. She currently manages her own team of writers and contributes to different educational  blogs. 


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