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Posted by Cindy Bryant

Mar 28, 2014 6:00:00 AM


Have you ever had to teach a concept or skill that you just don’t feel comfortable teaching? You may have been uncomfortable with adapting tried and true lessons to new practice standards or a new group of students and just didn’t feel the lesson was as effective in helping your students learn the concepts as they should have been. 

Perhaps you’re feeling that way right now.  You know there are concepts that your students don’t remember or that they just haven’t had a chance to learn and the school hours and minutes are quickly ticking by before the end-of-year assessments.  There’s very little time for you to search for resources to aid you in teaching these concepts and skills.  You need help NOW!

Well search no more! With LearnBop you have easy to access and practical help available right at your fingertips.


If I were using LearnBop for the first time, I would begin by first reviewing some of the 5th – 9th grade problems available relevant to the grades and concepts I was teaching. The guided questions, hints, visuals, and videos would help me get a better understanding of different ways the practice standards are embedded with the content standards. This would also help to clarify the concepts as well as the prerequisite skills, included in the guided steps to solving a problem, that are necessary to master specific concepts.

After reviewing some of the problems, I would then determine different ways I could use LearnBop to aid in the instruction and assessment of the math concepts that my students need to learn. Some ways that I might use include the following:

  • Using it for whole class instruction as described in my post on whole class instruction
  • Watching one of the linked LearnZillion videos aligned to a specific concept with my students and then leading a discussion about the concept
  • Teaching a lesson addressing a specific concept and then assigning LearnBop assessments aligned to that concept
  • Flipping instruction as described in my post on flipping instruction
  • Reviewing real time student mastery data to determine knowledge gaps of prerequisite or grade-level concepts and assigning suggested interventions and resources
  • Teaching a lesson that includes one or more of the linked Illustrative Mathematics examples to solve and discuss

Having these rich resources together in one place is a win-win situation for you and your students. It saves you time in searching for instructional resources and assessments that help clarify and assess math concepts your students need to know.  It also allows you to quickly gather and analyze student performance data.  But more importantly, it provides ample opportunities for your students to learn important math concepts they need to know and learn.

We value your feedback so we invite you to share your questions, comments, and suggestions about LearnBop or ways you’re using LearnBop to support students in learning mathematics.  Thanks!

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