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A Whopping Fun Time in Boston at NCTM 2015

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Apr 24, 2015 6:30:00 AM

What a whopping fun few days in Boston and at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics!

To those of you who stopped by our booth and entered our raffle, thanks! It was so great chatting with you and hundreds of other math educators around the world about challenges in your schools / districts, what supplemental math products you're using in the classroom, and why teaching math matters.


Congratulations to Nicole Erker, a math teacher from Wichita, Kansas!

Erika is the proud winner of our #whyteachingmathmatters raffle and gets to take home a spanking new Chromebook for her classroom!

Congratulations as well to the following Amazon Gift Card winners:

  • Tim Woodward, Principal at Lakeview Elementary in AZ ($100 gift card)
  • Susan Weddle, Experienced Math Teacher at Brunswick Jr. High School in ME ($50 gift card)
  • Yinghong Lai , Math Teacher at Alvarez High School in RI ($25 gift card)
  • Brian Mueller, Math Teacher for the NYC DOE in NY ($25 gift card)
  • Michelle Williams, Math Teacher at Mitchell Elementary School in TX ($25 gift card)
  • Natalie Dolgetta, Math Teacher at Pleasantville High School in NY ($25 gift card)

To those of you who recorded videos, those should be ready in the next couple of weeks.

Download Our LearnBop Customer Presentations

We were proud that two of the NCTM presentations this year featured LearnBop customers! Below is a brief synposis of each session, and a direct link (right click, "save as") to download the presentation slides.

Fraction Fluency: Helping All Students Become Part of the Whole

Download Presentation

Fluency with fractions has been identified as the most foundational skill for learning algebra. Even after excellent instruction, many students will still struggle with fraction concepts. This presentation covers fractional fluency interventions that help middle school students overcome their difficulties with fractions.

Audience: 6th-8th Grade

Productive Struggle: Solving Problems One Step at a Time!

Download Presentation

Hiebert and Grouws (2007) use the term productive struggle to refer to the “effort to make sense of mathematics, to figure something out that is not immediately apparent." This session focuses on ways to foster a productive struggle climate and tone in your classroom.

Audience: 6th-8th Grade

Did You Try LearnBop?

According to a recent product insight report from EdSurge, 98% of teachers that try LearnBop would use it daily/weekly in the classroom. We had a lot of fun letting you all try our unique and dynamic Bops throughout the conference.


If you didn't get a chance to try LearnBop, take advantage of our special long-term trial offer. To those of you we met at the conference, we'll be sending out an email soon re: how to access your summer-long trial.

Hope you enjoyed your trip to Boston! See you next year in San Francisco—?

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