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Administrator Support is a Key Factor in Differentiated Instruction

Posted by Cindy Bryant

Mar 12, 2014 10:50:11 AM


One of the pressing issues on administrators’ minds right now is the upcoming summative assessments that your students will be taking this spring.  As you’ve done throughout the year, you continue to do everything within your power to support both your teachers and students in preparing for the impending assessments.

It’s normal at this time of year for teachers to be worried about the concepts students might still be struggling with that were previously studied, but they’re also worried about concepts that students haven’t had a chance to learn.  Your teachers  may be feeling even more pressure than usual due to an overabundance of snow days and missed classes and time.  So what can you do to offer them support in  helping them manage and address the individual learning needs of all their students at this critical time? 

Evidence shows that formative assessment is an essential component of classroom work and when you’re trying to move all students to proficiency, formative assessments is where the focus needs to be.  Good formative assessments provide crucial information about what a student knows and still needs to learn that will guide your teachers to differentiate their instruction to meet individual student needs. 

Your support and encouragement in making data part of the ongoing cycle of instructional improvement is an important  factor in providing differentiated instruction.  A key to using data to improve instruction is the ability to think about how to create an intervention or a change in practice to address the knowledge gaps once they’ve been identified in the data. That means that using data is much more than figuring out how to track students.  It’s critical for you to continue to stress the importance of examaing data to develop hypothses about factors that affect students’ learning and ways to improve instruction to help all students achieve learning gains. As illustrated below, the process of using data to improve instruction and learning is an ongoing cycle which can be entered from different points.


Providing opportunities for collaboration among teachers for sharing effective practices and developing effective strategies to better serve all students is another key component.   It’s also important to stress the relevance of timely and specific feedback to students.  This helps students better understand their strengths and weaknesses and helps them identify specific areas for improvement.

So whether your students are still struggling with previsoulsy studied math concepts or need to learn new concepts before spring assessments, then LearnBop is your go-to tool. You can use LearnBop to target specific concepts that students need practice for an individual student, a group of students, or the whole class.  And LearnBop gives you timely and specific data about the math your students know and still need to learn along with suggested resources and interventions to guide differentiated instruction. 

It’s not too late for your teachers to take advantage of our free trial and help prepare your students for upcoming assessments.   Teachers can sign up for a free Learnbop 30 day trial for their class(es) here or sign up your entire school for a 60 day trial here.

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