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David Moadel

David Moadel is in his third decade in the education industry. He has taught, mentored, and inspired students from elementary age through adult. David has earned his master's degree in curriculum and instruction from the American College of Education, and is currently a certified teacher in Florida. David enjoys teaching, writing, and utilizing technology tools to communicate with people with diverse viewpoints across the globe.

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Five Things You Didn't Know about Maryland's State Assessments

Posted by David Moadel

Jun 16, 2015 1:24:00 PM


Common Core adoption has impacted Maryland much in the same way it has affected over 40 other states: tougher standards for students, and big changes for those who look after them. After adopting the CCSS in 2010, state-specific standards, known as the Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards (MCCRS), were formulated in compliance with the CCSS.  

In concert with this, Maryland devised the Maryland School Assessment (MSA) with an eye toward fair, rigorous, and accurate measurement of progress for all K-12 public school students.  However, the era of MSA testing was short-lived and is coming to a close as new assessments in alignment with the MCCRS are preparing for rollout. 

Working closely with the Maryland State Department of Education, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) created a suite of standardized tests for Maryland's students. The 2014-2015 school year saw the full rollout of the PARCC tests in Maryland, and the state is now full steam ahead with its latest battery of student assessments.  

What do parents, students, teachers and administrators need to know about these tests? The five facts below might give you a bit of insight, along with a few surprises.

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Five Things You Didn't Know about Kentucky's K-PREP Exams

Posted by David Moadel

Jun 15, 2015 3:01:00 PM


 Back in 2009, the Kentucky General Assembly called for a new academic assessment system via Senate Bill 1 (SB 1). Thus was born a battery of standardized tests known as the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP), which supplanted the Kentucky Core Content Test (KCCT) during the 2011-2012 school year. 

This was much more than a simple name change, and in fact represented a seismic shift throughout the state's education community. Alignment with the Common Core meant tougher standards and a deeper level of assessment, and K-PREP's ability to test the students was itself put to the test. 

Several years hence, it is still in effect in Kentucky's K-12 public schools and continues to shape statewide education, from broad policymaking to classroom-level instruction. Yet what do we really know about this new series of assessments that inform public education across the state of Kentucky? 

Here are five things you might not already know about KY’s K-PREP exams:

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Five Things You Didn't Know about the TCAP and TNReady Exams

Posted by David Moadel

Jun 14, 2015 2:54:00 PM


In the early 2010s, states across the nation were gearing up for the new, tougher standards in education called the Common Core State Standards. In Tennessee, new standardized tests were put into effect, but just as the state continues to experience change, the tests themselves are undergoing changes too. 

At the time of this writing, the official website of the Tennessee Department of Education states that the current vehicle of statewide assessment for public school students is the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP). With the state's Common Core-aligned standards under review and considered for repeal in Tennessee during the past year, statewide testing has seen major shifts and will continue to do so. 

One such shift is the coming transition from TCAP to a new battery of tests: The North Carolina-based company Measurement Inc. is developing TCAP's replacement, to be called TNReady, with a rollout likely to occur next year.

Let’s attempt now to clear up some potential confusion with five essential facts about these two assessment programs:

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Five Things You Didn't Know About Arizona's Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching (AzMERIT)

Posted by David Moadel

Jun 13, 2015 8:49:00 AM


A wave of change has been sweeping through public education as states across the nation adopt and implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The state of Arizona adopted the CCSS in 2010, which meant that AZ’s K-12 state standards for public school students got a full overhaul, along with assessments to align with them. Thus were conceived Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards and, to go along with those standards, the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS).

AIMS testing was short-lived, however, as it was superseded by AzMERIT, short for Arizona's Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching. The new suite of assessments that make up the AzMERIT was adopted in 2014, and students in Arizona's public school system have had to adjust to a new testing style and format—as have the state's parents, teachers, and administrators. 

Here are five things you might not know about the AzMERIT:

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Five Things You Didn't Know about New Jersey's PARCC Exams

Posted by David Moadel

Jun 11, 2015 11:44:00 AM

Providing a high-quality education to over 1.3 million K-12 public school students in more than 2,500 schools is a massive task resting on the shoulders of the State of New Jersey Department of Education, along with the state's teachers, school administrators, support service specialists, and countless other dedicated student advocates. 

In order to ensure that the best possible instruction is delivered to these students, the New Jersey school system has availed itself of statewide standardized assessments, developed by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), a consortium that has helped a number of states devise and deliver Common Core-compliant assessments. 

It's not just about the testing, but really about preparing students to be successful adults, as the stated objective is to "measure student achievement and preparedness for college and careers." Given its extensive impact on the state and its students, we wanted to share these five facts you might now know about the NJ PARCC Exams.

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