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Happy Holidays!

Posted by LearnBop .

Dec 22, 2014 10:20:28 PM

Last week, our team met at LearnBop HQ here in NYC for an end-of-year strategy workshop. Employees flew in from far-flung locales like Ohio, Missouri, and Guatemala.

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8 Websites to Download 7th Grade Math Worksheets

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Jun 10, 2014 8:30:00 AM

You're looking for 7th grade math worksheets, eh?

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Understanding Math Education Today: What Is the Common Core, and How Does it Affect Your Child?

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Jul 1, 2013 2:40:00 PM

You may have heard the words “Common Core” a lot lately, but what is it, and how does it affect you and your child?  To start at the beginning, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) generally refers to a common core of knowledge and skills believed crucial for all students in the U.S. to be prepared for college and future careers, and specifically refers to the standards now in place to make sure that knowledge is taught in the U.S. 

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Topics: Differentiating Instruction, Implementing the Common Core, Teaching & Learning

Student Centered Learning: Using Technology in the Classroom to Help with Learning Math

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Jun 26, 2013 6:00:00 AM

Sometimes, a lesson prepared for the students turns out to be a lesson for the teacher as well.

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Topics: Teachers Using LearnBop, Differentiating Instruction, Teaching & Learning

Blended Learning and the Power of Diagnostics: Getting Over Our Fear of Math

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Jun 17, 2013 1:38:00 PM

For a lot of us, math can be scary.  When we think of math we think of red marks on exam pages, formulas we tried to memorize only to forget mid-test, and the overwhelming sense that we just don’t understand.  One of my first memories of math is standing at a chalkboard in third grade trying to do long division.  Everything we had studied in class flew out of my mind as I stood there in front of the class.  My legs began to shake.  I drew a line on the board, and then dropped the chalk and walked back to my seat, not even trying to provide an explanation.  It was like a bad dream, but it had really happened, and I couldn’t shake the memory for many years.

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Topics: Teachers Using LearnBop, Differentiating Instruction, Implementing the Common Core, Resources, About Us & Our Community

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