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Teachers: This Fall, A Little Online Math Practice Can Go a Long Way

Posted by Zacc Dukowitz

Aug 1, 2013 6:09:00 PM


Back to School is almost here.  Though summer break isn’t quite over, we all know the school year will be here soon.  For teachers, Back to School means lesson planning, room preparation, and putting all of our ducks in a row so that students have a seamless learning experience the moment they step foot in the classroom.




But a small shadow can linger over these efforts.  A recent survey by the National Summer Learning Association found that a large number of teachers spend the first 3-4 weeks of the school year re-teaching the previous year’s skills.  As much as teachers want to move forward, they’re often stuck reviewing old material because students have lost so much learning over the course of the summer.

The effects of summer learning loss can hold back the highest achieving students in a class, making it so that every student has to sit through reviews of old material, even those who have spent the summer keeping up with their studies.  This situation not only effects your time as a teacher—and, as we all know, that time is precious—but it also effects the momentum of the class.  If the momentum slows, the potential impact can be even bigger than the initial learning loss itself.

Good students need to be challenged, just like any other student.  Students who were excited to learn on the first day may lose their fire after sitting through three or four weeks of review.  This means that the ghost of Summer Learning Loss can haunt your classroom throughout the semester, booing at you in the form of a good student who may have slowly lost motivation because they weren’t challenged early on.


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So how can you get rid of that ghost?  How can you start the year strong, by motivating your prepared students, and getting those students who haven’t studied in a while fully back on track?


New online math practice offers a solution.  Online math practice with in-depth reviews of material covered in previous years can be assigned for homework as your class continues to move forward with new material, starting on the first day of class.  Online math can help you implement differentiated learning strategies in the classroom. It can serve as both a powerful learning tool and a powerful tool for intervention, assisting the teacher in addressing each individual student's needs.

Get an instant snapshot of your students’ knowledge gaps. In addition to freeing up your class time to work on new material, some online math programs offer detailed diagnostic reporting that can help you identify the knowledge gaps of your entire class.  Click here to learn a little more about the LearnBop diagnostic.




This year, don’t be haunted by the Ghost of Summer Learning Loss.  As the school year approaches, there’s no need to worry about student preparation.  With online math practice, your class can catch up and move forward.  So let’s get learning!

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