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Back to School Again: Learning Math Online Can Help Students Prepare for the School Year

Posted by Zacc Dukowitz

Aug 4, 2013 1:31:00 PM

It’s that time of year again!  Of course, Back to School is a topic we’re all familiar with.  It comes around every year around this time, and, just like the holidays, passes again.  But how can this season be different for you and your child?  What are some small things you can do right now to support your child’s learning that can have a big impact down the road?


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When it comes to learning, consistency is king.  Continued study is crucial for students to retain the learning they’ve already learned.  Student’s who continue to study over the summer, even just a little bit here and there, won’t have to face re-familiarizing themselves with material from the previous year before diving into new material on the first day of class.


But don’t worry!  Even if your child hasn’t been studying much over the summer, there is still plenty that can be done to make a strong start to the school year.  

The most important thing is to start now.  Don’t put off preparing until the last week—even just a few math problems a day, or reading a chapter out of a book, can help your child gear up for the school year.  Success in learning works the same as success in sports, or any other endeavor in life.  Preparation, practice, and regular work are the key ingredients to making sure your child does well.

Make learning part of your family life.  We all know that modeling polite behavior is a good way to teach children how to be polite.  Learning works like this to.  But you don’t have to have intense study sessions at the dinner table to make learning part of your family life.  Just ask your child if they noticed anything interesting today—anywhere out in the world, be it in a summer school classroom or just playing outside!—and then talk about what they might have learned from the experience.   


Too often, when we talk about learning, we’re talking only about school work.  But learning should become part of our lives, not just something we do at school.  As a famous quote goes, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”  As the school year approaches, consider how you can light a fire in your child to learn more.  Encourage them to find something interesting—something weird, or fascinating—in all subjects, not just the ones that they’re naturally good at.


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We all know students who feel that math just isn’t their subject.  At LearnBop, we want to challenge the idea that some students are simply suited for learning math, and others aren’t.  Because math is the only language that everyone in the entire world speaks.  Pretty neat, right?  And since everyone can speak it, to some degree, there must be something about math that connects us all.  

So as the school year gets closer, encourage your child to get excited about learning.  Light that fire for learning through conversations, and through a little online math practice.  LearnBop’s free Back to School Review can help jump-start your child’s learning for the new school year, and the free diagnostics that come with it can help every student—even those who don’t feel like math is for them—to pinpoint what they need to work on, so they can move forward with their learning.  And who knows—your child may just enjoy doing LearnBop problems and gain some confidence in math skills—and ultimately learn to love doing math!  



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This Back to School season can be your child’s best ever.  Let’s get started!




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