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Developing Mathematical Literacy Series: Part 1

Posted by Cindy Bryant

Jan 15, 2015 10:02:16 AM

In today's world, when you ask people if they can do math, you may get the answer, "Oh, I'm just not a math person," or, "I'm just no good at math."

However, ask the same people if they can read, and you'll never hear someone say, "Oh, I'm just not literate."

Math_literacyAs you can see from this example, mathematical literacy faces a double standard these days. In Part 1 of a three part webinar series led by Cindy Bryant, LearnBop's Director of Learning, watch a short presentation about what mathematical literacy is, why mathematical literacy is important, and dive into what you can do to ensure that your students are mathematically literate.

But no need to keep reading—if you're interested in viewing Part 1 of Cindy's pre-recorded webinar, just click here!



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