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Have You Heard about the LearnBop Pilot Math Challenge?

Posted by Cindy Bryant

Sep 23, 2014 9:35:57 AM

For all of us the 2014-2015 school year has kicked off, and we're thrilled to be off and running! 

Although you know new beginnings are under way, you also know there are instructional issues that have been identified in the past that will require your attention and focus during the new school year. It’s now that you often have to make difficult and hard instructional decisions based upon funding, facilities, and faculty as to programs and resources you can implement to address these issues.

One of the common issues I faced in teaching, and many of you face today, is that of identifying  and addressing student’ mathematics knowledge gaps. It can be difficult and time consuming to pinpoint exactly where the breakdown in learning and understanding has occurred and to identify specific  prerequisite skills and/or knowledge that keep a student from learning. But unless these gaps are identified and addressed,  students lag farther and farther behind and their achievement level continues to drop. And planning and implementing interventions that address the gaps can be another time management issue for teachers.  


Last year MS #385 in Brooklyn, New York faced similar issues.  They had middle school students who had knowledge gaps and faced difficulty in learning mathematics, students who couldn’t pass the state math exam because of their knowledge gaps.  But rather than do nothing at all because they couldn’t implement the program in all classes, MS #385 decided to start small in addressing the issue by piloting LearnBop in three teachers’ classrooms -  one 6th, one 7th, and one 8th grade. 

MS 385 found using LearnBop, our interactive tutoring algebra readiness program aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, to be an effective program for both identifying student knowledge gaps and identifying interventions to address those gaps. LearnBop’s data reports provided details information about students’ specific knowledge gaps as well as suggested interventions to address the gaps. 



After one year, 96 percent of students who used LearnBop on a weekly basis at MS #385 passed the state math exam – up from just 25 percent who passed the exam the prior year. To learn about the school's experience with LearnBop from students, teachers, and the principal, view the video.  Now that MS #385 has seen the results of implementing LearnBop on a small scale, they’re planning full implementation for the 2014 – 2015 school year with all their math classes.  

So we challenge you to the LearnBop Pilot Challenge!  Take advantage of LearnBop on a small scale implementation level – identify and address math knowledge gaps by using LearnBop just one hour a week with a small population of your students.  Pilot it in all the classes in one grade, one class in each grade, as an intervention program for a select number of students in one grade or varying grades – whatever works best for you and your students. 

As part of the LearnBop Pilot Challenge, you’ll receive full implementation support including:

  • Full access to LearnBop and access to carefully curated content by our partner, LearnZillion.
  • Web or face-to-face meeting(s) to help your teachers onboard students, understand the system, and begin using it successfully.
  • Assistance in setting attainable LearnBop use and learning goals.
  • Regular check-ins with a LearnBop representative to ensure students are making progress toward the identified learning goals.
  • Specific advice and consultations regarding using the system to help students stay on track with their scheduled assignments and learning.
  •  CCSSM implementation as the problems and guided-steps are all aligned to and model and illustrate both the content and practice standards.
  •  Assessment preparation support in using LearnBop to identify key knowledge gaps and then to close those knowledge gaps, so that students are learning the math they need to know and prepared for large scale assessments.

We know there are always kinks to be worked out when implementing something new, so taking the LearnBop Pilot Challenge affords you the opportunity to experience using our program and to determine how it can best benefit and meet the learning needs of your students on a small scale before large-scale implementation.


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