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How to Keep Math Skills Sharp During the Summer

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Jun 14, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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    Your kids enter summer thinking about exciting vacations, free time, and hanging out with friends. You're thinking about these things too, but you're probably also concerned about summer learning loss. Students who don't engage in educational activities while school's out may lose two months of math skills, according to the National Summer Learning Association. When your children go back to school, the teachers spend the first few weeks of class going over the same material the students learned the previous year, which cuts into valuable instruction time. Here are some ways to help your children's math skills stay sharp during the summer.


    You can easily incorporate math worksheets into your children's summer schedule. Worksheets can cover math refreshers so students reduce their learning loss. Look for worksheets with quizzes that will help you gauge how well your student has retained knowledge over the summer. Worksheets can also provide new concept introductions to give students a jump start on next year's skills. Ask your child’s teachers if they can send students home with a set of worksheets or recommend workbooks for the summer vacation.

    Math Apps

    Many children have access to smartphones and tablets, which feature apps that offer kids fun ways to practice math. Even when you go on vacation, your kids have these devices on-hand, so it's easy to work a quick exercise in here and there. Most math apps provide a limited grade or age range, so match the app with a grade or age appropriate option.

    Educational Websites

    Several educational websites offer valuable resources to stop summer vacation from setting your children back. Many sites offer free videos that inspire learning in kids. The popular Ted Talk site even has a special collection devoted just to math, including a playlist called “Talks for People who Hated Math in High School.” Watching these videos can be a fun way to spark a new interest in math.

    Online Math Programs

    Online math programs can be a great resource for kids who need more personalized learning tools to prevent falling behind over the summer. LearnBop, has been particularly successful at providing interactive, personalized math instruction for kids in grades 3-12.  The LearnBop program simulates one-to-one learning by providing immediate individualized instruction. Every problem uses step-by-step guidance created by award-winning experts, and the tool adapts in real time to student interactions. And since LearnBop has the added advantage of teaching math concepts, kids who use it over the summer will not only prevent learning loss, they will improve their math skills.

    Summer learning loss can have a big impact on student performance. Use these resources to keep your kids' minds sharp throughout the summer months.

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