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In One Month, 74% to 94% Math Classroom Score Jump

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Jan 12, 2015 1:58:00 PM

An NYC educator, Hussain Abdullah, recently used LearnBop with one of his students...and saw remarkable results. We reached out to Hussain to tell us more.

Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Hussain “Mathman H” Abdullah, an educator. I work with students, teachers and principals in NYC as a mathematics facilitator. I assist teachers in developing their pedagogy and help principals fine tune their mathematics programs. My specialty is primary mathematics (Pre-kindergarten to Grade 6).

I am also the founder and director of Mind Molders. Our goal is to allow all children the opportunity to experience math in an engaging and highly effective manner.

How did you first hear about LearnBop?

A few years ago, while in my Master’s program for elementary mathematics, my professor invited Bharani Rajakumar, the CEO of LearnBop, into our class to demonstrate the program.

Bharani and I exchanged information and have stayed in contact with each other when new initiatives arise. In the fall of 2014, a parent approached me stating that one of my former students needed assistance in mathematics and, logistically, I wasn’t able to provide the child the attention she deserved, but I knew LearnBop could provide the assistance she needed.

I reached out to Baharni and we were able to get the student registered on LearnBop.

What challenge was your student facing?

The student had several knowledge gaps.

When I worked with her 2 years ago as a 4th grader, she had holes in her understanding. Her number sense was developmentally on a 1st to 2nd grade level. I was able to catch her up to 4th grade level within 3 months. This is what prompted her mother to reach out to me again.

I knew that LearnBop would provide a similar service because it is designed to determine these holes in understanding and, through statistics and data, the administrator has all the information needed to provide the student with developmentally appropriate, yet rigorous, Common Core-aligned assignments. 

Within 30 days, we were able to move the student from a classroom grade of 74% to 94%. This was the first time in the child’s education that she received a grade over 90% in mathematics. 


How did you use LearnBop with her to improve math proficiency?

I used a pre-assessment to begin the process. Based on the pre-assessment, I was able to find patterns and determine the appropriate concepts for the child to begin working on. She was assigned 2 exercises a week, 1 concept each. She worked on LearnBop a minimum of 30 minutes twice a week.

Did the student enjoy using LearnBop?

The student enjoyed LearnBop, because there were hints built into each Bop that provided her scaffolding which built her understanding, allowing her to get the correct answer by the end of the micro-tutorial. LearnBop was able to boost the students’ confidence in mathematics as she did not fear getting the answers wrong.

How has your student's math proficiency changed since working with you and using LearnBop?

The student has been able to benefit in 3 ways: 1) A deepened understanding of pre-requisite standards; 2) Maintaining school standards; and 3 The opportunity to preview content that hasn’t been introduced yet in her school.

Her average classroom grade, comprised of homework, participation, and quizzes/test, jumped from 74% to 94% in just one month!

I truly appreciate the work LearnBop is doing to help children with mathematics and am proud to be involved with their efforts. You are all welcome to visit our website at: www.mindmolders.org.

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