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LearnBop Featured on EdSurge's List of Top 22 Adaptive Learning Platforms

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Feb 16, 2016 1:28:34 PM

LearnBop was recently featured in EdSurge's 'Zooming in on 22 Tools', an article that highlighted 22 top adaptive learning platforms in education technology.


LearnBop was selected for the list in part because of the unique and exhaustive nature of its content. LearnBop was designed to mimic the one-on-one support a tutor might provide, walking students through every single prerequisite concept needed to understand the problem originally assigned. Check out the full profile of LearnBop on EdSurge's website now. 

Because every student using LearnBop has access to the full K-12 content catalogue, students who are behind can get full remediation in prior concepts and students who are ahead can continue to accelerate by studying upcoming concepts, instead of waiting for their class to catch up.

LearnBop and the 2 Sigma Problem: Effective Personalization in Mathematics


A recent white paper discusses how LearnBop is tackling the 2 Sigma Problem in mathematics, and goes into greater detail about how LearnBop works as an adaptive learning tool, mimicking the support a tutor would provide and helping teachers personalize instruction in mathematics. Download the white paper here.


Topics: Differentiating Instruction, Leadership, Innovation

backbone_and_learnbopThousands of K-12 students use our automated tutoring system to improve math proficiency.

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