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Math Interventions at Your Fingertips

Posted by Cindy Bryant

Mar 19, 2014 10:16:00 AM

It’s been a long, hard winter but spring is finally peeking around the corner.  While you’re delighted to see the warmer temperatures set in, you’re also filled with anxiety.  As administrators and teachers, you know that with the advent of spring the end-of-year assessments are soon to follow.  That alone is enough to cause stress, but add that pressure to the spring fever that will soon hit your students and the next couple of months become even more frenzied.

You know that you’ve done and continue to do everything within your power to prepare your students for the impending assessments. And you also know that some of your students have yet to master math concepts and skills they will need to know and be able to do.  There’s limited time to identify their knowledge gaps let alone provide interventions. 

But with LearnBop there’s help for you in pinpointing your students’ knowledge gaps and providing interventions. LearnBop provides easily accessible individual student data that is both meaningful and actionable.  The system is set up for easy management of your students and their learning progress as noted in the five tab options in Figure 1 below.  

But it’s the interventions tab that I want you to look at.  As you can see introductory information is provided there about the interventions and purpose.  But it’s the list of concepts and the average response correct that help you to quickly identify the concepts for which students need interventions based upon their performance on completd Bops.  This example report shows that two students have been identified as needing interventions for dividing whole numbers and one student for finding percents.


Figure 1

Now we can drill down to see which students could benefit from interventions by selecting the number 1 under “Students Need Help”.   In Figure 2 below, Logan Sans has been identified as the one student needing help with Find Percents 6.RP.A.3c.


Figure 2

But there’s more available than just giving you a list of the concepts and number/names of students who could benefit from interventions.  There are three options for interventions that you can access and use with your students who are identified as needing them by selecting the appropriate button including the following.

  • View Instructional Video links to relevant Learn Zillion videos with an explanation and information about the concept.
  • View Classroom Illustrations links to releveant Illustrative Mathematics illustrations of the concept and problems that you can use in helping students better understand and use the concept.
  • Preview Bops provides relevant Bops that you have the option of assigning your students.

Needless to say this is a huge time saver for you in that you don’t have to search for interventions to address student knowledge gaps that have been identified.  You have the option of selecting any or all of the suggested interventions to use with individual students, small groups of students, or the whole class.

We value your feedback so we invite you to share your questions, comments, and suggestions about LearnBop or ways you’re using LearnBop to support students in learning mathematics.  Thanks!

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