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New Class Setup Goes Live!

Posted by Zacc Dukowitz

Jan 21, 2015 12:19:00 PM

What's it all about?

Since launching in 2010, teachers using LearnBop have had to set up classes by entering student email addresses, or by using an enrollment code.


But having to follow these steps is now a thing of the past!


Starting RIGHT NOW teachers can set up a class by easily uploading their class roster. This feature eliminates the need to use ANY classroom time to set students up, and enables you to set up classes on LearnBop in as little as two minutes.

No matter what your goals are for this semester, LearnBop can help. From identifying student knowledge gaps to using differentiated instruction to close those gaps, we're here to support your efforts in the classroom. 

Want to take the new upload feature out for a spin? No problem! You can get instant access to LearnBop's interactive math learning system right now.

Already have access, and want to learn more about how it works? This short video on classroom set up covers everything you need to know to get up and runningin as little as two minutes!

Watch the video to learn more:

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