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NY Math Teacher Sees 70% Increase in Learning Gains with LearnBop

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Jun 28, 2014 7:00:00 AM

T^3 at MS 385

MS 385 or The School of Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship in Brooklyn, NY has addressed the challenge of CCSS implementation head on with its Technology, Tutoring, and Timely interventions (T^3) approach. The process is driven by goals, data, and nurturing individual students, and is highly personalized, allowing independent students to forge ahead while identifying and assigning interventions to those students who need them.  With T^3 each student makes progress toward his or her own learning goals, as defined by the teacher, every single day.


How MS 385 Uses LearnBop

Teachers teach math concepts during a lecture, classroom activity, or both. Then students are assigned the same concepts using LearnBop, a web-based math learning system that provides an interactive learning experience for students and immediate diagnostic feedback for teachers.  The LearnBop system responds to incorrect answers by asking students questions, just like a tutor would, guiding students step-by-step to solve the problem on their own.  Readily available student performance reports reveal student progress toward mastery of common core concepts, as well as knowledge gaps in current and prerequisite concepts.

Once the data is collected and analyzed by LearnBop, teachers use it to identify which students need face-to-face tutoring or additional interventions on specific concepts. The tutoring is provided after school and is student-specific, focusing on the exact knowledge gaps identified by LearnBop to maximize their time with the tutor.


Ms. Cudjoe Improved Learning Gains by Almost 70%

Common Core ResourcesMs. Kieshelle Cudjoe, a math teacher at MS 385, wanted to assess the impact of LearnBop by comparing student performance on concepts studied with the system to those studied without it.

To measure the impact of LearnBop on student learning gains, Ms. Cudjoe assigned 20 6th grade students a total of nine Common Core concepts that would be covered on upcoming unit test. Five of the concepts were studied without LearnBop, and the other four were studied with LearnBop. (For reference, the CCSSM concepts assigned were 6.NS.1-6.NS.3, which break down into nine individual concepts to be mastered.)

Following the work done using these two approaches—one with LearnBop, and one without—the students’ understanding of the nine concepts was evaluated on the unit test. 

Ms. Cudjoe reviewed the unit test results, and found that students only answered 35% of the questions on the concepts that had been studied without LearnBop correctly. On the concepts where students had LearnBop support, they answered 59% of the questions correctly—an improvement of more than 68%.

Ms. Cudjoe said she was not surprised by these results.  “Most students are visual learners and enjoy technology, so learning a concept in a different form helps,” she added.

LearnBop achieves results like this because it was designed to give every single student the benefit of one-on-one attention.  Rather than simply telling a student an answer is right or wrong, LearnBop turns incorrect answers into learning opportunities.  The system provides students with hints, suggestions, and asks questions to encourage critical thinking, breaking math problems down into the key components needed to find the correct answer, just like a tutor would. 

After a student finishes working, the in-depth data allows teachers to create personalized learning plans with ease by assigning specific interventions and concepts for further work with a tutor or at home.  This is a huge time saver and management tool for teachers.


Easy to Implement

Regarding getting started with LearnBop, Ms. Cudjoe said, “I found the program easy to understand and navigate. To get started, I simply registered my students . . . then I assigned one lesson on the concept that was being taught in class at the time.” 

When asked if she would recommend LearnBop, Ms. Cudjoe said, “I would definitely recommend LearnBop to other teachers because my student like the program a lot and I have seen for myself the impact it has made on my students academically.”

She also said that her students “like it a lot.  Some describe it as fun!”  LearnBop is a win-win for both teachers and students!


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