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Padlet: One of the Best All Around Tools for Technology in the Classroom

Posted by Julie Lyle - Guest Author

Nov 6, 2015 7:00:00 AM

For the worlds of technology and education to come together, a teacher really needs something that will work on any device, that is quick to learn and easy to use.  For a tool to be effective and long lasting, it has to be versatile.  

One of my favorite tools, which meets all of the criteria just laid out for use in the classroom is Padlet.  As an Instructional Technologist, I love when I find products for multiple grade levels and content areas.  Padlet is just that kind of instrument for your bag of tricks.  

With Padlet, you’re using a digital board/wall.  It has the ability to be more visual, similar to Pinterest, but it also has the ability to have more of a stream feel, similar to Twitter.

There are endless ideas and ways of using it.  There is a quick list at the end of this article, but one of the easiest ways to get your feet wet using Padlet is to use it as a place for students to turn their work in to you.  

This works well if they’ve created projects with an online tool giving them a url/link to the finished product.  They can post those links to your padlet wall. From here, you can launch each presentation from one place.  Just as easily, you can post a question and have your students write their answers on your wall.  (If you teach multiple class periods, I would recommend setting up a separate wall for each class.)  In either scenario, the students love seeing their post go up in real time.  Another option may be that you use Padlet for a presentation or to house resources for your students.

If you need more or just want a quick glimpse into how this works, go to https://youtu.be/KHWRi54nCn8

The Details

→ You will need to register, for the system to save your Padlets (students, parents, teachers, etc. don’t need to register in order to post on the walls/padlets you create)

It is Free
Flexible privacy settings

Flexible sharing options (link, embed and it automatically creates a QR code)

Custom naming in the URL is an option

Flexible layout 

Can be used on any device with internet access

Drag and Drop functionality

Auto saves

Easy to edit

Having notifications sent when students add to your wall is an option

Moderation of posts is available

Multimedia is a speciality - add videos, pictures, links, documents, text, audio, etc.

Those who post on your wall will be able to see all other posts, but it can be set so others won’t be able to edit or move them, but you can.

Customize the padlet title and description

35 Ideas for using Padlet in the classroom

  1. Warm ups (check out this “Word of the Day” example by Mr. Sha’s class http://padlet.com/coffeebite/1rbmyjr47x)
  2. Exit tickets
  3. Check for understanding (take a look at this wall on polygons http://padlet.com/mkmiller/polygonsinourworld by Mr. Miller)
  4. Collecting and sharing resources
  5. Collecting student projects
  6. To create a timeline (check out this amazing example - it scrolls from side to side http://padlet.com/l_smith/vjuctipuqp)
  7. To create a collaborative space for groups to work
  8. Notes for your substitute
  9. Labeling a map
  10. Keep all of your QR codes in one place
  11. Venn diagrams
  12. Managing tasks (see the “My Tasks” wallpaper)
  13. Presentations
  14. Organization of ideas, brainstorming sessions
  15. Posting of opinions or questions
  16. Book Reviews (can also be “book talks”, as audio can also be uploaded)
  17. Summaries and reviews before a big test
  18. Collect feedback
  19. “All about me” board/wall for teacher, club, team or students
  20. Digital thank you, birthday, school board appreciation card(s)
  21. Publish student writing and make privacy settings so that only parents can view
  22. Story creation - where one student starts the story, others add on one at a time
  23. Collaborate with another class on one wall together
  24. Have students make predictions before reading a story
  25. Have a wall for parents to post messages of good luck or congratulations to your class or individual student
  26. Post a video and have students post responses
  27. Create a vocabulary board
  28. Portfolio of student work
  29. Collaborate on a wall of resources with your team or other teachers in your content area
  30. An ongoing question board during your lessons, after the instruction part, go in and answer the questions either on the board or out loud - using it as a backchannel of sorts
  31. Notice boards
  32. Discussions
  33. Planning events
  34. Send one to an author with questions from the class
  35. Create a wall for student questions before a project begins and keep it going through the project

With the examples above, you can see how truly versatile Padlet is.  When you dive in and start to create your own, you’ll appreciate how easy and quick it is while coming up with your own amazing uses!

Here is a screenshot of my Padlet account in use. Now go try it yourself!

About the Author


Julie Lyle has been an Instructional Technologist at the Argyle Independent School District in Argyle, Texas for the last three 3 years. Prior to that, she taught 5th & 6th grade Art. In her life before education she was a graphic designer for 19 years. 

Teaching adjunct college classes in Color Theory and Rendering gave her a glimpse into education, which lead her to teach Art in the K-12 world. She is a fan of sailing, scuba diving, SUP and anything creative! 

Follow Julie at @H2Sting, and check out her blog at ddgtk.blogspot.com.


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