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The 5 Benefits of Blended Learning

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Jul 23, 2014 8:30:00 AM

It’s no suprise that everyone learns differently.

Education leaders have tried a range of different teaching methods in order to properly tackle this hurdle. One relatively new concept that is catching on rather quickly in classrooms across the country is blended learning.

Also known as hybrid learning or classroom flipping, this form of teaching combines traditional classroom instruction with online educational materials such as notes, audio lectures and PowerPoint presentations. Due to an increased prevalence of digital media use, integrating online resources for homework assignments is a great way to engage the student inside and outside of the classroom.

In this NPR interview, a Colorado teacher highlights how important it is for teachers to understand that it is the 21st century and educational methods are now changing along with the times. Blended learning or flipping the classroom is a great example of this shift. 

Below is a quick list of 5 benefits of blended learning:

  1. More Parental Involvement: Parents can listen to and watch the teacher's lectures with the student at home. This allows parents to help explain any of the topics to the student if he/she is having difficulty understanding what is being lectured. 
  2. Convenience: As mentioned before, with the boom in digital media and technology, students today are spending much of their time with their smartphone and tablets. Providing digital educational tools gives the student more opportunities to spend learning and understanding the material, as they can take it with them whereever they go.
  3. Skill Building: Blended learning isn't just about the digital advantages! By keeping face to face classroom time in the curriculum, students have the opportunity to engage with classmates and build presentation, speaking, and listening skills as well.
  4. Maximized Use of Time: Because students have the opportunity to listen to and takes notes on lectures prior to class time, teachers can maximize time spent in the classroom by focusing on answering questions and ensuring that the students have a strong grasp on the material.
  5. Addresses Different Learning Styles: Discussions and topics are disseminated in a variety of ways, allowing for multiple types of learning needs to be met. 

Although educational trends will continue to change with new research findings and technolical advancements, blended learning is still a great option for preparing students for future success!


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