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The Best Ways to Supplement Your Child's Education

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Aug 15, 2016 2:00:00 PM

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    There are times when the instruction a student receives from school is just not enough, no matter how excellent the education may be. There are students struggling to keep up in certain subjects, despite the best efforts from teachers. There are other students who are doing extremely well in a subject; so well, in fact, that they want to further their knowledge and continue to learn beyond what is being taught.

    For each of those scenarios, a child’s education must be supplemented, but what are the best ways to do that? 

    Seeking Help

    • Apps and Games – The benefit of living in today’s technology age is that there are many online apps and games, such as LearnBop for math skills that can be used to help tutor and reinforce your child’s learning. By playing and using these, a child can get the practice he needs through fun and clever methods.
    • Creative Approaches – Just like adults, every child learns differently. For some, it may be that they need hands-on activities to reinforce subject lessons. Others may need auditory or visual stimulation along with lessons being taught. One size does not fit all for students, so a struggling child may simply need a varied learning approach in order to begin comprehending and excelling.
    • Motivation and Encouragement – As a child begins to fall behind in school, it is easy to feel defeated and overwhelmed. Once this happens, learning becomes increasingly difficult as mental blocks and negative mindsets take over. It is important as you are helping a child to overcome academic difficulties that you encourage and motivate through positive reinforcement. Celebrate every learning accomplishment and use praise much more often than criticism.
    • Personal Tutoring – Oftentimes enlisting the tutoring assistance of a peer or respected adult in a child’s life is the best way to reach a struggling student. Sometimes, hiring a stranger as a tutor, can create social obstacles to overcome before ever even tackling the subject matter. One-to-one time spent studying with a person with whom the child is most comfortable can be the most effective method to addressing academic issues.

    Expanding Knowledge

    • Museums, National Parks, Historic Sites –Students seeking some real-life understanding of what they are learning in school, may find visiting historical locations such as a battlefield, or the Liberty Bell, or visiting historical reenactments such as those at Williamsburg VA, etc. are just what they are looking for to expand their knowledge beyond the school walls.
    • Library Research – In the day and age of the internet, where looking up information is easier than ever, there is still value in stepping foot in a library to do research. A student wanting to dive deeper into study has a treasure trove of books that may or may not be available online. Cracking open these books to more fully learn and investigate any topic can prove invaluable as supplemental educational material.
    • College Courses –Older students looking for additional challenges and or to get ahead in their school credits, should look into the possibility of taking college courses. Especially with the availability of college courses online, these students may be able to challenge themselves in these classes and earn credit to apply in college, as well.
    • Extracurricular Clubs/Activities – Many schools and communities offer clubs or extracurricular activities that relate to different areas of expertise and interests. By participating in an extracurricular activity, a child will be able to apply practical experience to his or her knowledge and skillsets and form relationships with similar students. These relationships may expand into other opportunities, as well as continuing a student’s learning and education in those areas.

    So whether students need some additional help in order to catch up or are looking to take the next step to further their learning, there are many ways to supplement a child’s education and help them achieve their goals.

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