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This Week in Education Technology: 10/24/2014

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Oct 24, 2014 8:00:00 AM

"With Liberty and Justice and High Speed Internet Access for All"


I have seen schools throughout the country where the excitement of learning is palpable and students utilize technology and internet access as an integral component in their daily learning. I've also witnessed the opposite -- schools with limited, antiquated access to the internet and little access to technology in the classroom -- where students simply don't have access to the tools and resources commonplace in universities and the workplace. Read more.

5 Tools That Can Help Students See and Hear the Content of Webpages


ChromeVis is a Chrome extension that helps users strip sidebar content from websites and change fonts to make the content easier to read. Today, I was reminded of a handful of other tools that perform similar functions. Here are some tools that can help students see webpages more clearly. (This list is ranked in order of my preferences). Read more.

New Software Allows Teachers To Control Smart Boards From iPads


Teachers will now be able to use an iPad to control and interact with SMART whiteboards and other devices controlled by Smart Notebook software. That is the most significant feature of the new Smart Notebook Maestro software that will become available October 31. Smart Technologies officials said the new developments are in direct response to teachers telling them they wanted to be able to change Notebook pages and add and manipulate images on whiteboards while moving around the classroom. Read more.

Report: Students Lack Wireless Access to Digital Learning Resources at School


The Pearson Student Mobile Device Survey 2014 collected responses from 2,252 K-12 students between February 13 and March 12, 2014. It found that while 93 percent of students have wireless access to the Internet at home, only 62 percent have Wi-Fi at school, limiting their access to digital learning resources for personalized instruction. Read more.

Corporate student data privacy pledge


Technology certainly has come a long way since the days of the mimeograph and the overhead projector. And while technology promises enormous benefits in education, it’s also brought with it heightened awareness of the increasing collection and use of student data in schools, and questions about appropriate security precautions to protect student privacy. In Colorado, we have seen the effects of these concerns not being promptly and aggressively addressed by companies and policy makers. This was the case in Jefferson County, where control of the School Board was altered due largely to parents concerned about new uses of student data. Read more.


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