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This Week in Education Technology: 10/3/2014

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Oct 3, 2014 2:32:28 PM

The Power Of “I Don’t Know”


The role of teaching has evolved. No longer are we the carriers of knowledge, giving it to students and assessing if they can repeat facts successfully. We are, instead, tasked with teaching students how to find answers themselves.

And it all starts with a simple three-word phrase: I don't know. Read More Here


Common Core In Action: Manipulating Shapes in the Elementary Math Classroom


Geoboard is an app that is all about the activity you choose to do with it, as opposed to leading students in a particular direction. Sometimes it's easy to think that an app alone will teach to a standard, but as educators, we know that it's all about getting students thinking, talking, and working together -- those practices will produce the most meaningful results. Read More Here


How Can Brain Based Learning Change The Classroom?


From yesterday’s one-room schoolhouse to today’s virtual classroom, from high school campuses that look like small towns to the desks of home school students, the driving questions in education remain the same. How do students best learn? How do teachers best teach? Read More Here


Education Technology: Could It Be Different This Time?


The US spends approximately $1.3 trillion in elementary, secondary and post secondary education each year across both publicly and privately funded educational institutions. Only a minuscule portion of that amount--1%--is spent on educational technology. By way of comparison, total technology spending in our economy is around $1.7 trillion, about 10% of GDP. In other words, we don’t use technology much in education compared to the rest of our economy. Read More Here


Will Common-Core Testing Platforms Impede Math Tasks?


As two state consortia work to finish new assessments aligned with the Common Core State Standards, some mathematics experts say they're worried that the computer-based testing platforms will hamper a key element of the exams: open-ended math-performance tasks that test students' ability to apply their knowledge. Read More Here

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