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This Week In Education Technology: 11/28/2014

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Nov 28, 2014 8:05:00 PM

Support English Language Learners With Scannable Technology


Scannable technology provides opportunities for students to quickly and easily interact with a variety of content. In a differentiated classroom, children should have access to resources and support materials that will push them toward success. Read more.

More Districts Turn To Technology Buy-Back Programs


Rather than letting old machines sit in the janitor’s closet gathering dust, schools nationwide are choosing to sell those machines back to companies that recertify the technology. Read more.

Bridging The Gap: Technology In Special Education


Technology is often heralded for personalizing learning. But what has edtech done for students with disabilities, who may need personalized education the most? Read more.

How Technology Can Tip The Scales For Higher Education


Technology can help improve student learning and literally give them “more bang for their buck” when it comes to ROI for tuition dollars, as shown in this info graphic from the Next Generation Learning Challenge (NGLC). Read more.

10 Creative Ways To Use Your iPad In The Classroom


iPads are so much more than what they first seem when you first pull them out of the box. Read more.


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