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This Week In Education Technology: 2/27/2015

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Feb 27, 2015 8:05:00 AM

Is Google Challenging Blackboard With Its 'Classroom' Product?

Google made a pretty big splash in the ed-tech market last week with a mobile app release for its free "Google Classroom" product, which is the closest the company has come to stepping on Blackboard's turf in the higher education space. Read more.

Pearson Labs Shares Tips For Using Tech To Meet Academic Goals


A new blog post by Pearson Labs, “Tech in Classroom: Tools Vs. Gimmicks”, questions whether or not students are able to focus on learning objectives despite the vast distraction of the Internet, which is now utilized for the majority of schoolwork for many students. Read more.

One Education Releases Much Anticipated XO-Infinity Modular Laptop


Claimed so simple that a 4 year-old child could put it together with ease, the XO-infinity will act as both laptop and tablet while allowing owners to swap out component modules over the course of their primary schooling. Read more.

What's Moving The Needle In Mobile Ed Tech?


Mobile is one of the biggest drivers of technology growth around the world. And with it comes the promise of learning anywhere, anytime at one’s fingertips. Read more.

Five Gamified Tools For K-12 Classrooms


Gamification, the use of game mechanics and design to facilitate learning, is among today's hottest ed tech trends in K-12. Read more.

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