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This Week In Education Technology: 3/6/2015

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Mar 6, 2015 8:05:00 AM

Could Emotion Be The Forgotten Secret To Successful Education Tech?

A leading ed tech group has determined that the biggest challenge for many students isn’t physical or cognitive, it’s emotional—turning around kids who are turned off by school. Read more.

What Net Neutrality Means For The Future Of Education


Many education officials seem to be unified in their desire for an open Internet. Read more.

How Wearable Devices Fare Among Students


Wearable tech is a trend that is hard to ignore these days, and it could have a big impact among students of all ages as they learn. Read more.

Technology Could Eliminate Snow Days


The concept of holding class online when bad weather strikes is gaining traction nationwide as more school districts provide take-home technology to students. Read more.

What It Takes To Build The Next Ed Tech Hotspot


New York’s Economic Development Corporation (NYEDC) recently asked the local edtech community to share ideas for ways to build a vibrant edtech ecosystem in the city. Read more.

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