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LearnBop Featured on EdSurge's List of Top 22 Adaptive Learning Platforms

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Feb 16, 2016 1:28:34 PM

LearnBop was recently featured in EdSurge's 'Zooming in on 22 Tools', an article that highlighted 22 top adaptive learning platforms in education technology.

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Topics: Differentiating Instruction, Leadership, Innovation

Q & A from Our Webinar with EdWeek, 'Closing the Factory: Productive Struggle and the New Math Model'

Posted by Zacc Dukowitz

Feb 3, 2016 11:02:59 AM

Last week LearnBop sponsored a webinar in partnership with Education Week called "Closing the Factory: Productive Struggle and the New Math Model." During the webinar we were inundated with questions. This blog post contains those questions, grouped by topic, with answers typed in or notes on where the question(s) is addressed in the webinar recording.

For those looking for slides and a transcript of the webinar, you can find them here. For those looking for the live recording of the webinar, it can be found here.

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Topics: Resources, Teaching & Learning, Webinars, Leadership, Connected Educators

The Administrator's Guide to EdTech Purchasing

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Sep 25, 2015 6:03:00 PM

An Actionable Resource to Help Move EdTech Purchasing into the 21st Century

Created in partnership with Superintendent John Carver
Howard-Winneshiek Community School District of Cresco, IA


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Topics: Resources, Leadership, Innovation, Connected Educators, Educational Technologies

No I Am Not Lost, I’m Just On My Way to Class: A Conversation with Alona King

Posted by The LearnBop Team

Sep 3, 2015 10:27:25 AM

Recently we interviewed Along King, active blogger and Computer Science student at Stanford. As an African-American CS major, Alona has the frequent experience of being asked whether she is in the right place on her way to one of her usual classes in the CS department. This has happened so often to her and her fellow African-American classmates that she felt compelled to write an article entitled “No, I Am Not Lost.”

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Topics: STEM, Leadership, Collaboration, Connected Educators

How to Turn a Troubled District into One of the Top in the State: A Profile of Harrington Park, NJ and Superintendent Adam Fried

Posted by Zacc Dukowitz

Aug 20, 2015 6:31:00 AM

Recently we sat down with Adam Fried, Superintendent of the Harrington Park District in New Jersey, to pick his brain about the challenges he’s faced and how he’s overcome them in his 9 years at Harrington Park. Fried walked us through the situation he walked into when he first began, talked about his early strategies for creating district-wide change, and gave us some very actionable advice for superintendents facing similar challenges.

→ Scroll down if you're looking for 4 Steps to Reduce Expenses, and 4 Key Ideas for Success.

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Topics: Resources, Teaching & Learning, Webinars, State News, Leadership, Connected Educators

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