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Transform Snow Days into Know Days!

Posted by Cindy Bryant

Feb 11, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Old man winter has been and continues to rear his ugly head and the polar vortex and accompanying snow has played havoc with school attendance and calendars.  Just this past week my daughter-in-law, a primary teacher, once again voiced her concern to me about all the school days missed due to weather since the first part of December.  Like many teachers who live in regions where there’s been an abundance of snowfall, she’s worried about the time crunch these days off are creating for her and other teachers in her district in assuring that students have the time they need to study and learn concepts that they will be assessed on in the spring. 

This is a very real problem that many of you are facing. With less time to teach because of missed days, you have no choice but to pack as much content into a school day as possible.  And this often equates to less time for engaging in and learning math concepts and more time spent on modeling rote procedures, which lend little to the conceptual understanding of math,  and which students are likely  to remember only long enough to take the spring assessment.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you take advantage of online resources that can support learning math.  So let’s take a look at how LearnBop can help you to transform the snow days delimma into days that both you and your students can use to understand and learn math. LearnBop is an online resource that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connectio, which makes it a great learning tool for both you and your students.  

First of all, LearnBop can serve as a rich learning resource and tool for you and your students in helping you and them understand important math concepts.  Rather than fretting about all the concepts students are going to need to learn quickly to catch them up to speed for the spring assessments, peruse the LearnBop Content Suite to determine which concepts are addressed that your students will need to learn once school reconvenes. 


LearnBop, along with embedded LearnZillion videos, provides a guided step-by-step process using both visuals and models that address both math content and practices that engage students in learning math. These tutorials can serve as a great learning tool in providing examples of graphics and visuals, along with hints that can be used to aid in teaching for conceptual understanding.  So go ahead and try some of the Bops aligned to concepts that you’ll be teaching and then look for ideas on models, visuals, and or explanations you can use in teaching the concepts students still need to learn.

LearnBop can also be used for flipping your class! You know where the traditional order of lessons are flipped. Students are first assigned a lecture, presentation, and/or video that explains a concept or procedure that they watch or do on their own and then during actual face-to-face class time they work on problems that align to the concept(s) that they’ve learned about. 

You can flip your class and make snow day assignments that include new concepts that students would be learning if school were in session and those students with internet access can go ahead and work on these concepts at home. I know there are some kids that don't have internet accessible at home, but that shouldn’t prevent those that do from using it.  You can monitor student performance on these assignments and determine which suggested online interventions you can assign to students to complete on their own and/or which you plan to use with students when school reconvenes.

Another way to think about using LearnBop once you return to school,  is to look at how to implement LearnBop in your teaching of the yet unlearned concepts with the whole class. The Incorporating LearnBop with Whole Class Instruction post http://web.learnbop.net/blog/incorporating-learnbop-with-whole-class-instruction provides specific information on how to do this. 

To sign up for your free 30 day class trial of LearnBop, click here.  Or sign up your school, and get 60 days of free access.

Also, mark your calendar and join me on Tuesday, February 11 from 4:30 – 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time or Wednesday, February 12 from 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time for our twitter chat at #LBdatachat as we discuss data we’ve collected at LearnBop and how it can be used to inform instruction. 

Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions about how you transform snow days into know days where you and/or your students can continue to learn and do math.  Thanks!  


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